Illustrated Horror

There's nothing like the illustrated image of horror. It somehow stirs the imagination with excitement and adventure. I've always been attracted to bad films with great names, The Horrors of Spider Island, Zombies of the Underworld, Caverns of the Undead. The graphics and imagery that were used to promote them were extremely exciting, usually painted, and suggested a story far more interesting then the one they were selling.


100 Horror Screen Titles

Screen Titles can be a great way to introduce a story by way of imagery and text. In animation, these are referred to as Title Cards. They are usually an illustrated piece of imagery that can be created in a different style from the show with unique title designs. Older films from the 30's and 40's often share a similar approach with a painted background and unique title design. These screen titles or title cards may introduce copyright info, major "player" names as well as studio names and info. In fact, actors, like Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff became so popular their names would often be as big or a few points smaller then the title itself. Believe it or not, the font size of actors names, wether they're seen on scripts, movie posters or screen titles, are specified in contract. In addition, each studio would dictate the format of information seen on screen titles. This is still true today as each studio controls where, in what order and what credits will be given.

Good screen titles should get you excited about the story your about to experience - even if they're unrelated. They should invoke a mood and allow you to create, in your own mind, the journey you're about to embark upon. The "anticipation" of the journey is what I usually find more rewarding than the journey itself as the right imagery or lack of imagery can trigger the imagination and its realm of possibilities.

With that being said, I would like to share with you 100 horror screen titles. Some I have chosen based on design, some based on the film, some based on style and some based on lack of style.


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