Illustrated Horror

There's nothing like the illustrated image of horror. It somehow stirs the imagination with excitement and adventure. I've always been attracted to bad films with great names, The Horrors of Spider Island, Zombies of the Underworld, Caverns of the Undead. The graphics and imagery that were used to promote them were extremely exciting, usually painted, and suggested a story far more interesting then the one they were selling.


Eric Pigors at the Hyaena Gallery

I was in Burbank last night and had a chance to check out Eric Pigors new exhibit at the Hyaena Gallery.  Complete with cheap booze, punk music, fellow metal heads, and Eric dressed up in theme with one of his characters.  If you have the chance, I recommend stopping by as the show will only be up for two weeks.  This was my first time at the gallery/boutique and certainly not the last.  Terrance discovered a new magazine that will no doubt change his life forever, "Girls and Corpses", and I couldn't escape without one of Eric's shirts (pictured above).  You can check out more of Eric's work at Toxic Toons here.

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