Illustrated Horror

There's nothing like the illustrated image of horror. It somehow stirs the imagination with excitement and adventure. I've always been attracted to bad films with great names, The Horrors of Spider Island, Zombies of the Underworld, Caverns of the Undead. The graphics and imagery that were used to promote them were extremely exciting, usually painted, and suggested a story far more interesting then the one they were selling.


Another Sketchbook Character

One of the cool things about doing these is that I never know what the character is going to look like when it's done. No intentions, just mindless drawing.

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  1. Scary. No really. Like, I saw this, and I immediately ducked under my sofa. But there was a malformed rat with human fetus growing out of the side of it, like in that movie Total Recall. But I was so scared of your sketch, I'd rather hang with the rat. Yeah, it's that scary.